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Teatripster gets a taste of The Empress

The TeaTripster is a branded Airstream, ready to spread teawareness with people who appreciate loose-leaf teas and want to share this passion with others. The TeaTripster tour begins June 13, 2011, covering 24 U.S. cities, including Charleston’s 300-variety tea plantation… the zen of San Diego tea… and Chicago’s hip tea scene. Follow on and on Facebook, and share your own tea experiences.

Here is what the teatripster had to say about their recent visit to The Empress:
it’s in the dining room that you’ll find beautiful tea accoutrements (and tea). this is where overnight guests are offered tea at breakfast. it’s also where afternoon tea on sundays is served, an affair that consists of tea sandwiches and sweets and an amazing pomegranate tea that is steeped with fresh oranges, cinnamon and cloves and served in teacups that change with the season (red and white china today to match the fourth of july theme).

the sunday tea (by reservation) includes a tour of the house and swelled to 40 guests for mother’s day this year. besides sunday tea and special events such as showers and receptions and even an upcoming 90th birthday celebration for 20 people, the empress of little rock offers daily tea with 24-hour advance reservation.

after a tour of three floors of the inn today, we relaxed with the wonderful pomegranate tea, a chocolate-dipped cherry, cranberry scone, clotted cream and fabulous lemon curd, making an afternoon in little rock memorable. wish we could be here for the july 4th brunch!

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