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Do the Locomotive with me!

During a recent stay in The Empress of Little Rock’s Garden Suite, the family and I decided to try out a new restaurant concept in Little Rock that sounded exciting and fun.  So we headed over to 6813 Cantrell Road next to Stein Mart, the location of All Aboard Restaurant and Grill.

What makes All Aboard so fun?   The food at All Aboard is delivered by a network of small, custom-built locomotives that run on tracks near the ceiling. Helped along mightily by a sophisticated computer system linked to a key-activated doo-dad in each booth, the trains drop off a tray bearing your food (without ever stopping, we might add), which is then slowly lowered down to your table by way of a miniature elevator.

The food was only satisfactory, but the trains won the heart of my 3 year old.  His testimony to the greatness of All Aboard?  “Mommy, I want to eat here EVERY DAY.”  Considering that he is the true master of my castle (although I try to pretend otherwise) I have a feeling that we will be making a return trip one day very soon!

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