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Working the Puzzle


Kidnapped by the Puzzle-a great winter pass time by the fire

“Kidnapped” by the Puzzle

Winter brings some special delights along with it’s bluster and cold.  The opportunity to relax from the labors of lawn and garden and inducement to just STOP.  These guests at The Empress literally got “kidnapped” in front of the fire working the puzzle.  Sometimes a couple days away from the TV and the telephone are just what the Doctor ordered.  Books also tend to catch our guests from time to time when they visit.


Last week, though, caught us scrambling to make sure we had milk and bread before the big winter storm of 2011.  I thought you’d like to see some of the beautiful pictures of The Empress in a very unusual snowy landscape, a rarity for us here in the South.  It’s also a great time to write.  So I thought I’d introduce something new to our blog, the ongoing Saga of “Upstairs, Downstairs at The Empress“.  The concept is of a parallel life, one that resides in 1888, and one that resides in the here and now.  In the meantime, enjoy the great winter pictures, and stay tuned for excerpts from the “parallel” lives of those who “live” upstairs, and those who live downstairs, at The Empress!


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