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Community Bakery is a Community Favorite

Community Bakery is an amazing find in the heart of Little Rock’s SoMa district to relax, read the paper, browse the web, enjoy the laid-back vibe and the great freshly made sandwiches and desserts.

There are two sections to the bakery.  One side is a gigantic display case with a great selection of pastries and bread, and on the other is the cafe section that will serve you up sandwiches and various morning dishes.  The made-to-order food is light and tasty, and the pastries are sweet and delicious.  There is also a strong selection of coffee that is always hot, fresh and flavorful.  In the mood for a board game?  No problem, they have a nice stack available to all.  Want to surf your morning away?  Easy.  Wi-Fi is also available.  I advise you to show up early for the best selection of pastries.  Although Community Bakery is a gem, it isn’t exactly a hidden one…the line starts early as people eagerly await their donuts, sausage rolls and sugar cookies.  But once you have your pastry and cookie, you should hang out for a bit and enjoy the ambiance.

And if you want to take your goodies to go, it’s nice to drive or walk around the historic Quapaw neighborhood and reflect on your morning. The Empress of Little Rock is only a few blocks away and it always looks beautiful with dew on the morning roses.  If you are passing by after an early lunch, the 11:30 historic tour of The Empress is a real treat.  You can also go through the Community Bakery drive-thru and then enjoy your meal outside at Bernice Garden if the day is nice.