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Little Rock Arts Scene

With temperatures soaring to record highs, our guests have been wanting to know…”What is there to do in Little Rock that includes AIR CONDITIONING!”  So to be helpful, we have put together a list of our museums and exhibits that will keep you inside and cool, all the while seeing some fun and amazing arts and culture!

On Exhibit
9th & Commerce, MacArthur Park
54th Annual Young Arkansas Artists Exhibition. T hru July 26. 
30 Americans. Thru June 21.
A Humble Hum: Rhythm of the Potter’s Wheel. Thru June 21.
Paul Signac Drawings and Watercolors: The James T. Dyke Collection. Thru July 19.
Art in Context. Ongoing.

ASI Building, 401 President Clinton Avenue
White River Memoirs. Thru July 25.
Arkansas Printmakers Exhibition. Thru June 27.
Christ Church Arts
509 Scott Street

The Plein Air Painters of Arkansas. Painters include Victoria Harvey, Clarence Cash, Tom Herrin, Greg Lahti, Sean LeCrone, John Wooldrige and Diana Shearon. Thru June 30.

1200 President Clinton Avenue
Dinosaurs Around the World, produced by Imagine Exhibitions. Thru October 18.
Super Summer Saturdays start June 20!
120 River Market
Esse Purse Museum
1510 South Main, SoMa
What’s Inside: A History of Women and Handbags, 1900-1999.
Pyramid Place, 221 W. 2nd
WPA (Works Progress Administration) & Art from the Great Depression (1930s-1940s) 
Greg Lahti
200 E. Third
We Walk in Two Worlds: The Caddo, Osage and Quapaw in Arkansas
History of the Bowie Knife
Arkansas Made: Arkansas Made Gallery
MacArthur Park, 503 E. 9th Street, free admission
Waging Modern Warfare: General Wesley K. Clark
Vietnam, America’s Conflict
Undaunted Courage, Proven Loyalty: Japanese American Soldiers in World War II
501 W. 9th Street
Freedom! Oh, Freedom! Thru December 31. 
500 President Clinton Avenue
Mindbender Mansion . Thru September 7.  
300 W. Markham Street
Different Spokes. Thru February 2016.
Ongoing: Arkansas First Ladies’ Gowns; Pillars of Power; On the Stump: Arkansas Politics, 1819-1919; First Families of Arkansas; As Long as Life Shall Last: The Legacy of Arkansas Women.
602 President Clinton Avenue
Jim Blote Wildlife Photography. Thru June.
Arkansas Wildlife Federation Kids Traveling Art Exhibit. Thru June.
Fish feeding every Wednesday, 2 p.m.
Alligator feeding every Friday, 2 p.m.