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Community Bakery…a Neighborhood favorite

Homemade loaves of bread

Fresh out of the oven!

The Empress of Little Rock is proud to be a part of the SoMa District in Little Rock.  SoMa (or South Main) is a vibrant, thriving area with places to eat, sleep, shop, play and sight-see.

Community Bakery is a staple of the neighborhood, having served central Arkansas for more than 60 years.  They provide quality variety, convenience and affordable prices to local and visitors alike.  There is an on-site bakery at the storefront in SoMa, where bakers make hundreds of items from scratch every night.  A full-line bakery, they offer tasty treats from donuts to tiramisu, and cakes for celebrating events from birthdays to weddings.

Community Bakery is convenient and accessible, with a drive up window and plenty of parking (or easy walking from other SoMa locations, including the Empress).  The cafe is pleasant to eat at, with both indoor and sidewalk seating as well as free WiFi.

We suggest that you stop by Community Bakery on your way back to the Empress after a night out to pick up a chocolate rum mousse scoop or a slice of strawberry cheesecake to be enjoyed on the veranda or in the cozy privacy of your room!