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Resolve to Travel in 2017 with These Easy Tips!

According to recent statistics, at least 15% of people nationwide resolved to travel more in 2017. Spontaneous travel can be difficult for many reasons, but most obstacles are easily overcome. Below are the top three excuses people don’t travel and ways to combat these issues so you can succeed in your travel resolution long after January.

Too Expensive

Arkansas roadways show off their fall color in Packages from The Empress of Little Rock

On the road in Arkansas

Any time you travel there will be expenses involved to get from point A to B, but getting creative and thinking outside the box can help you save. You might not stay at a 4-star hotel each night or dine in a Michelin Star restaurant, but you may discover that a budget friendly trip allows you to really immerse yourself in the “local” experience.

*Stay in a hostel instead of a hotel. You may give up some privacy, but you will be too busy experiencing your destination with all of the money you saved to notice.

*Do your homework! The internet has a vast array of data that can be gathered and compared in a matter of minutes. It can be a daunting task, but if you shop around for the best prices, you can really save. Many hotels give significant discounts for students or other groups. It also helps to sign up for their loyalty programs which costs nothing but a moment of your time. The same advice goes for airfare and attractions.

*Save on airfare by not checking baggage. Baggage fees can be outrageous. Do your back and your wallet a favor and pack lightly.

*Cook your own food. Restaurant tabs add up quickly. Hostels typically have shared common space with a kitchen, or you could find a small space with a kitchenette. Every town has a local grocery!


No Time to Travel

Another excuse people commonly use to break their travel resolution is the myth that they don’t have enough time. We are busy people with kids and pets and jobs and projects. However, most of us get at least a weekend off. Try not to think of travel as being a week long excursion. It doesn’t have to be long or far away.

*Be a weekend warrior! Travel close to home can happen quickly and cheaply. Almost everyone has things to do in their town that they have never had the opportunity to experience- whether that is an art museum or a restaurant you’ve really been meaning to try. Take a look at your area calendar which always features the best local events. Many of these are even FREE!

*Make a check list of places you want to go this year. Be conscious of the time you spend doing things other than traveling. Sure, the newest Netflix series looks enticing, but you have a travel resolution to keep!


I Have Kids so I Don’t Travel

Traveling with children was once unheard of. You needed a pack-n-play, a mini van and a never ending supply of chicken nuggets for your picky eaters. No longer! The travel industry has modified it’s age old policies made exclusively for those over the legal drinking age. Now most front desks supply in room cribs or a roll away at a very nominal fee- if there is one at all. Menus have kid friendly options and even Amtrak offers “family bedrooms” available on their Superliners. Whatever your reasons for not traveling with kids, options are available.

*Visit all inclusive resorts. Children eat. A lot. Plenty of family friendly resorts offer all inclusive packages that spring for your meals. If that option is too expensive see the first list in this post.

*Do more “living” rather than “vacationing”. There are plenty of family travel blogs to follow for great advice. This one is a phenomenal blog from a family with six kids that has been to 13 countries! What is your excuse now?

Your Travel Resolutionhd-area

Do it today. Do it now. Repeat after me:

I commit to making travel (with my family or without) a priority this year. I will do my homework to make travel more affordable and be more conscious of where my “travel time” is being spent. I will be a weekend warrior and stay at my local bed and breakfast or hostel and visit that Presidential library that I have been meaning to explore. I will never use my children as an excuse not to see the world. I will check SOMEPLACE off the list in 2017!