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Here Comes the Bride! Bridal Trends for 2017

  December is statistically the most popular month for proposals in the United States. With an average engagement period of 16 months, this makes Spring and Summer prime time for nuptials! Below are some of the hottest bridal trends you’ll see in 2017.

Vintage Glamour

According to multiple online sites like and, “Vintage Glamour” remains an overwhelming favorite of brides when it comes to the style they want to convey. Classic with a few funky details is the trend of the moment and is reflected in everything from the invites to the exit.  

Before You Say I DO! 

Brides are opting for smaller, intimate settings which may limit their guest list. The advantage of a paired down crowd is that brides are free to spend the extra cash on surprise settings or destination weddings. Decide which is more important- your Uncle Eddie seeing you walk down the aisle or your nearest and dearest having a great time in a fabulous location? 

Pretty in Pink?

The colors a bride chooses can say a lot about her personality and her style. Blush has always been a classic and continues to be a steady bridal trend, but neautral tones and metallics are also very chic. Wedding coordinators are also encouraging the mixing of eclectic patterns. 

Flower Power

Colors are not the only things changing in the brides bouquet. There is a move to more organic arrangements and hanging centerpieces. Bridal trends always include peonies and other soft petal blooms, but succulents are gaining popularity. Hanging centerpieces that include flowers, ribbons or natural materials like tree limbs and leaves are all the rage. Pinterest has thousands of ideas perfect for DIY brides!

Let Them Eat Cake!

Deciding whether or not to have food or drink and what kinds can send a bride into a panic. Depending on what time the nuptials take place, you may need to serve a more substantial meal. There are as many options for food as there are flavors of ice cream. Planning ahead can take the stress out of the decision. First, make sure your venue doesn’t have restrictions on outside catering. Once you know the rules (and your budget) the sky is the limit. Bridal trends for 2017 lean towards multiple food stations and interactive options such as food trucks or varied dessert tables. If you plan to serve only cake because of budget restraints or time of day, serve a cocktail alongside such as the classic moscow mule. Like bouquets, cakes are returning to a more “naked” approach with multiple tiers set upon each other. Cakes are appearing non iced or topped with simple fruit or blooms. 

It’s All in the Details

There are plenty of ways to insert your personality into your wedding ceremony, but providing your guests with a great experience tops the list of priorities for new brides. Photo booths offer guests a chance to be interactive and some will even text the content straight to a smart phone which makes sharing the day easier. Drones allow brides to catch those shots from more creative angles. 

Whether it’s your first time to be a bride or your third, it’s YOUR DAY! Make decisions that don’t just make pretty pictures, but beautiful memories!