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Stepping Out on a Ledge with Empress Reviews to Inform Future Guests

outside shot of The Empress of Little Rock Bed and Breakfast

The Empress of Little Rock (photo by Nancy Nolan)

When you have been in business for 23 years, you learn to accept that you will never be all things to all people. Fortunately for us, our Empress reviews more often than not have been positive,  and our guests manage to capture our best side.  We rely on Empress reviews to help us improve and also to inform future guests; we learn what works and what doesn’t, and we always want to be better. Empress reviews always teach us something about how  travelers expectations are changing and how we can not only meet, but exceed their expectations.  

Statistics show that 80% of people read 6-12 reviews before booking a hotel on-line. Many of these reviews come from places like Tripadvisor or  We often respond to our reviewers- whether positive or negative, but since reviews are usually posted after their stay, we never have the opportunity to thank them publicly. Below are excerpts from some of our most recent reviews. These reviews embody everything that we at The Empress want to convey to our first time guests, our third time guests and future guests that haven’t booked yet.  Thank each of you that did us the courtesy of understanding how we may serve  you better!

“An Unexpected Pleasure!” 

posted by Mike_St_Christopher 

“I found myself reluctant to leave! So after I checked out at the front desk, I had a great conversation with the innkeeper who told me a lot about the history of the mansion, and then–even though I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me, I chose to sit in one of the three sitting rooms downstairs and take in the beauty of the place. Later, I photographed some of the interior spaces and then I walked the grounds, photographed the exterior, and admired the wonderful flowers that were everywhere. I have NEVER before felt a desire to hang around after checking out of a place.”

“Absolutely Charming and Romantic”

posted by Claire C

“In the morning, we were blown away by the breakfast. It was the best breakfast I have had at a B&B-very European-inspired, and two courses! The owner, Bob, was our server, and he kept the coffee filled constantly!”

“Stay in The Murray Room”

posted by Kathryn V

“Finding this B&B on my corporate travel was intriguing…The property was massive, beautiful and very well maintained.”

“Fabulous step back in time- The Empress is quite a lady”

posted by 837bonnief

“We found out that there is a turret room on the 3rd floor-that may supposedly have a ghost-we went up the stairs, walked through the attic to see it. How fun…We padded around in pajamas looking at all the antiques.” 

“Even though the house is old and decorated in antiques, it is modern in the comforts we look for- great showers and wi-fi!”


“SPOIL ALERT: If you love surprises, don’t read this!”

posted by arkansawtraveller

“A stay at The Empress is the only way Little Rock and its southern charm should be experienced. It is a cultural adventure you should not miss, whether you live outside the state or within it.”

Bedroom at The Empress of Little Rock

Murray Room (photo taken by Ottho Heldring)

Empress Reviews Don’t Lie!

If the reviews above didn’t convince you to stay with us, maybe our accolades will. The Empress was rated #4 Most Romantic in the United States and continues to strive to be your favorite getaway.