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Empress Series-Episode 3-Petit Jean Room

The Petit Jean Room

The Empress Series-Episode 3-The Petit Jean Sea Relic TeaPotPetit Jean room, brings our series of videos to four.  This room at The Empress of Little Rock is named after the legend of Petit Jean from the 1700’s, the French girl who couldn’t bear to see her love sail away to the new world. The Petit Jean Room is filled with relics of military and sea regimen, reflecting the strength required to leave family for a world unknown and the softness of the love that inspired it.  Done in dark walnut, the ornately carved Empire queen style bed is in striking contrast to the romantic blues and whites of the window treatments, the dark hardwood floors, sitting area, and the room-side marble sink. The Petit Jean is definitely a room for lovers.

accouterments in the Petit Jean Room

Petit Jean Room

Jean’s lover was a French Nobleman named Chavet who asked the King for permission to explore part of the Louisiana Territory after being won in a war, and for a grant to whatever part of it he might find to his liking. The King approved his request, but Chavet was engaged to a young girl in Paris, who, when told of his plans,  asked that they be married before he left France so that she may accompany him. Thinking of the hardship and danger they would face, he refused her request and promised he would return to marry her and they would spend their lives in the new world. The girl, however, fearing he might not return, refused to accept his denial. She disguised herself as a boy and set sail with them as a cabin boy. Her disguise must have been masterful as she sailed unbeknownst to him, and was undiscovered until sickness claimed her life, on the banks of the Arkansas River.

Today the grave of Petit Jean (little John) is encircled by a Victorian fence at the east edge of Petit Jean Mountain, a beautiful escarpment overlooking the Arkansas River where Winthrop Rockefeller  settled in the 1950’s.  During the 1930’s, the WPA build a beautiful rock lodge over a magnificent 30 ft. waterfall and you can sit on the porch rockers and look down over the valley and the waterfall.  It’s a great day trip to discover some of what makes Arkansas great!!  We hope you enjoy the video tour of one of my favorite rooms!!

If you have never visited The Empress of Little Rock at The Hornibrook mansion, we hope you will enjoy this video series on YouTube and we hope it will entice you to come take a tour or book a weekend stay with us! We have the perfect luxury guestrooms for your next romantic weekend getawayvacation or staycation!