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Celebrating the Best!The truth is simple. You get the best rate guaranteed by booking directly on our website at  We offer you our best lodging prices directly from our website because we don’t have to pay a commission to a middleman, and we are happy to pass some of the savings along to you! We are committed to making sure you will always be able to book our lowest rates directly on our website. Book three nights and get the third night for an amazing discount lowering your rate for the entire stay to the lowest rate,  anywhere!  If you find a lower rate ANYWHERE else online, call us at 501-374-7966 and we will match it and give you a fabulous basket of goodies and a bottle of wine for your trouble!!  Join us for an amazing experience and get free wifi, free parking, royal service, excellent amenities, a gourmet breakfast, provided by candlelight, crystal, silver and china, just as if you were the ROYAL family in 1888.  A truly “Downton Abbey” experience, even if you’re traveling for business!  Even business travelers deserve to be treated “royally” and shouldn’t have to pay extra for WiFi’s and parking.  No wonder they can afford to give you “points”.  You’re paying for them!!   

Read more about it in our blog post from earlier in the fall:’s really happening when you use Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) ?  How do they manipulate the travel industry, buying up any sites that might offer competition and controlling even what you see when you look online? They buy the organic website name of an inn thru Google in order to co-opt guests who think they’re pulling up the actual properties website only to be shuffled over to one of the OTA’s.  It’s not unusual during prime viewing/shopping time for 7-9 different OTA’s to purchase the name of property you’re searching for to mislead you into thinking you’re on their site.  While this is legal, most of us would consider it unethical and bad for business.  There are actually class action lawsuits currently pending against Expedia and others related to these unethical manipulation and practices.  Stay tuned for more on these fronts, similar to the latest disclosure regarding Apples’ manipulation of speed of the internet for older model IPhones.